Localad core business is Fixing and selling. Our fixit website has a cellular phone # that allows you to text a photo or photos of your item, project, or materials for recycling. We respond with options for you to best remove the item from your inventory, yard, business, you get the point. Our fixit site

simple laser setup
Laser Project

grbl-LPC ( which also runs on the LPC1769 based boards and performs much faster for laser raster applications

Metal Fabrication for locals has a 5×10 plasma cutting rig available for hire. Give us your designs or just a sketch and we can cut and bend it as requiredThis is small shop or home shop fab assistance, we don’t charge big fees, we are about helping our community entrepreneurs achieve their goals. In fact we use our

Pressure washer rebuild

It appears the only remaining component of this Simpson washer is the frame. We are testing the endurance of a new motor and pump. Our current run time is 10 hours, so far the motor is standing up, the pump, well not so good. The battery was a gamble, the engine has a alternator and