It seems so simple on the surface. TV commercials demonstrating how easy it is to build a website, create an online presence, promote and advertising your product or service.

But It’s Not!

The best thing that comes from your attempt to create a website is the basic understanding you gain that it’s just not that easy to get an understanding of the process. Why? because it’s Boring! and Technical.

The thing you need to understand is it’s easy to get suckered into thinking your designer and or programmer is an expert, thing is there are so many ways to get a task completed. I will get a page programmed and then find another expert to modify it only to find out the prevous developer didn’t have advanced knowledge and was actually just using alot of already developed portions that made it look amazing. To bad for us the code was not licensed and we had to purchase it later for updates

Bottom Line: Give it a shot if you have the time but expect to fail. Get some basic understanding so you can determine if your designer is a pro. Realize that paying someonne 5 dollars an hour will be just waisting your money

Find a person or company for your work but also have a second person or company to verify the product.

If you think 1 online product is going to get the peomotion your looking for your are mistaken. The internet is a campaign of multiple tactics and the technology is changing every day.